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Torta Tuesday

...because we serve delicious $5 tacos everyday.

The quintessential Mexican sandwich, popular in the Distrito Federal (DF) and the rest of Central Mexico. This delicious ‘antojito’ (little craving) is typically prepared street side on little ‘torterias’ street carts and considered a little gourmet feast.

The Torta is traditionally made on a fresh crunchy bread roll and filled with an array of fresh, wholesome and exciting ingredients. While Tortas are found throughout the whole of Mexico, each region claiming their signature style, Mexico City has by far the most impressive and innovative selection of Tortas to indulge in.

Pulled Beef Guajillo Torta

Pulled Beef Guajillo Torta

Available in the little yellow shop every Tuesday in 3 delicious flavour ways:

Beef Guajillo w/ zingy pink slaw, guacamole + crema

Mexican Mushroom w/ pink pickle, queso fresco + crema

Pork Pibil w/ pink pickle, beans, queso fresco + crema

All $9 + available until sold out

Nos vemos el proixmo Martes (see you next Tuesday)

Goodness Gracias Team

Leila, Eddie, Yaya, Raf, Char + Zali